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Minutes from Decembers Meeting:

SkyKings come to order at 3:09pm Date: 12/4/11

Officers present Members present 7

President Scott Spry Present
Vice President John Milligan Present
Secretary/Treasurer Mike McVay Present
Field Marshall Bruce Swartfagger absent
Safety Officer James Lockwood Present

Our Previous Balance is $2516.70 + $50
Expenditures $0
New Balance is $2566.70

WE have 41 paid members in the club

Registration is live for Spad fest. Seven signed up already. Valentines Food Company is confirmed to Cater the Food for both days.

January 14, 2012 Confirmed for the Christmas Party, Talk about a potluck at John Milligans about 6:30. THe Club will be providing Pork Loin for John to cook.

Motion made to adjourn by John Milligan
Seconded by Joe Kunkel
Club adjourned at 3:47pm

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