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Official Rules

Newton Sky Kings RC Model Aircraft Club

(Amended 2008)

1. All paid members of the Newton Sky Kings RC Model Aircraft Club shall be covered by the club’s insurance policy, and will abide by all club rules. Guest pilots must provide proof of adequate insurance, such as AMA, before flying.

2. Flying site usage is limited to members and their guests. Guest pilots must join after their third visit, except when guests are invited by the club to participate in special activities or guests may be allowed at the discretion of the Field Marshall.

3. Student pilots who have not soloed must have supervision, i.e., an experienced Sky King pilot directing the student’s learning process and the instructor must be present through solo when using the Sky King field.

4. When retrieving downed aircraft on cropland, no more than two(2) people are to retrieve it unless it cannot be found.

5. The frequency board (pins) shall be used at all times. The member’s current flying card will be exchanged (posted) for a flying pin when operating at the Sky Kinds field. Guests will post their proof of adequate insurance when flying. Due to FCC regulations, the use of wide-band transmitters is no longer allowed.

6. Pilot stations will be placed at twenty (20) foot intervals, and pilots will use the pilot stations when flying, except for take-off and retrieval of aircraft.

7. Pilots will NOT fly over spectators, the pit area, and structures adjacent to the field, Do not fly over the house to the north and do not fly at low altitude over the horse pastures east of the house.

8. All take off and landing procedures should be from the same direction except for mutual consent of the pilots to do otherwise.

9. Flying under the influence of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

10. The Field Marshall has the authority to make decisions pertaining to flight operations and safety.

Field Courtesies
1. Antennas should be down unless you are flying and have a frequency pin.

2. All engines should have mufflers.

3. Engine break-in should be done at home, or in the air.


The Newton Sky Kings RC Model Airplane club.
(Amended May 8, 2010)

ARTICLE_ONE--- Name and purpose.
Section one--- The name of the club is Newton Sky Kings.

Section two--- The purpose of the club is to foster, promote, and above all to enjoy all phases of radio controlled aircraft in such ways as may be decided by the membership.

ARTICLE_TWO--- Officers
Section one--- The officers of the Newton Sky Kings shall consist of a President, a Vice President and a Secretary/Treasurer.

Section two--- Appointed Officers are Newsletter Editor, Field Marshall, and Safety Officer. These officers will be appointed by the President.

Section one--- President-The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and shall act as spokesman for the club in all matters pertaining to the club.

Section two--- Vice President-The Vice President shall act for the President when he is unable to serve.

Section three--- Secretary/Treasurer-The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all meetings and the attendance numbers of such meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also collect all moneys due and shall keep a record of all moneys received and moneysdistributed by the club. The Secretary / Treasurer and the President shall provide at least a quarterly report to the membership showing the financial details of the club’s operations. Each year, no later than March, an annual budget must be approved by the membership. This budget is amendable at any time by a vote of the membership at the meetings or a special meeting.

ARTICLE_FOUR--- Terms of Office
Section one--- All officers of the Newton Sky Kings shall serve for one year. January 1 through December 31.

Section two--- The annual meeting and election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in November of each year and nominations shall be made by the membership.
Nominations will begin at the October meeting.

ARTICLE_FIVE--- Vacancies
Section one--- Any occurring vacancies will be filled by the membership.

ARTICLE_SIX--- Meetings

Section one--- Regular meetings shall be held on the first Sunday of each month. Special meetings of the club shall be at any convenient time, upon call by the President, or upon call of any ten members of the club. Any such call shall name the time and place of such meeting, and shall be issued at least three days in advance of the date set.

Section two--- A quorum shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the membership.

ARTICLE_SEVEN--- Regular Business
Section one--- All regular business affairs may be passed by the majority vote at regular or special meetings where a quorum is present.

Section two--- Any changes or additions to the field rules or by-laws require majority passage at two regular meetings where a quorum is present.

Section three----The membership will be from January 1 to January 1 of the following year.

Section four---- Flying status requires paid membership in the Newton Sky Kings.

Section five---- Student pilots learning to fly under the supervision of a Sky Kings instructor will pay $10.00 for flying privileges. This fee may be applied to full membership, which is required, before solo flight. Three instructional flights are allowed preceding payment of the fee.

Section six----- Flying status is granted to member’s spouse and dependents that are under sixteen(16) years old at the beginning of the year.

Section seven- The Sky King Secretary/Treasurer will issue the Flight Privilege Cards for the current year, to members having paid their Sky Kings dues.

ARTICLE_EIGHT- Dues and Fees
Section one--- Annual membership dues shall be adjusted according to the financial needs of the
club. Changes must be approved by the majority of those present at two meetings that meet quorum criteria.

Section two--- All new members will be assessed a one time $25.00 initiation fee.

Section three—January 1 the membership fee is $50.00 plus an additional $25.00 initiation fee for new members.

ARTICLE_NINE- Insurance Requirements
Section one--- All paid members of the Newton Sky Kings are automatically insured by the Club’s insurance policy. Guests and fun fly event participants must show proof of adequate insurance.
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